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Originally Posted by Odd
No, it isn't a movie. I went to check it out. At first I was like "dude thats weird" but when you get closer and levitate onto the rock in front of it, it's just one of those sprays of blue steam (or tornado, I thought it was like blue gas/steam or something.) I don't think it's a hole in the graphics, I think it's just part of the backround. Theres a larger one right behind the spot Raz hatches out of the egg shell.
Yes, it is the green-ish tornado from earlier in Raz's mind.
Now that I am further along in the game and can handle levitation better I was able to get a better view. Turns out that the entire "cavern" that the vine-tower is in is actually a dome of vine shaped cutouts. So there are holes in the actual dome and what looks like a video screen from a distance is just a shape that looks like a video screen from the original position on the vine going up the tower. If you levitate up to where this "screen" is (you can't actually get up to the hole but you can see it better when levitating), you'll see it's really a hole between vines and doesn't really look like a screen at all.
Mystery solved! Thanks for all the suggestions.
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