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Cracken: All you need to do to create a page is type the name of the page [in brackets] on another page while editing, and a dead link appears when you update the page. Clicking on the dead link will let you create the new page. Magic.

It's actually extremely easy. Look at the two how-to pages.

Feel free to do the Crimson Star War, but I still am going to do a summary for the Cantina threads in which it took place. Yours can be the more in-depth summary, since my thread summaries will cover the main plot events, hopefully in a completely neutral fashion.

The 4 Super Star Destroyers? Not sure. See, that's why I'm doing the thread summaries thread by thread; it's a more efficient way to pick up on missing random information, as you can see by the Characters, Locations, Terminology and Msc Notes section of the Cantina 1 thread summary.

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