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In theory you can still do hit and runs, and raids to cripple the Empire....

You make a squadron of Y-Wings, X-Wings, A-Wings, and a couple of Corvettes and gunboats, send them into the fight and concentrate on protecting the Y-Wings until they can destroy whatever target you were after, while the fighters do cover... And I imagine you could probably do raids on planets deep inside their space...

While I played a modded version of the demo I found myself leaving nothing but structures and garrisons on my planets, and keeping fleets in a defensive pattern, since I found ships couldn't go from one planet to another directly when they're a few sectors away, I figured out which planets they'd have to go through first and setup fleets there, leaving my ass a target... If raid fleets can go through these without a combat, then you should be able to attack one of their ass end planets, wont affect their masive fleet, but it should do enough to make the enemy spread out their fleet to provide enough protection so as to avoid future raids....
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