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We experimented with persistant damage, maintainance costs and such, but found that it added nothing but confusion and frustration for players.
With all due respect but what players ? Any player who like the strategy will love to have those options in the game. On the other hand if you talk about a la warcraft and starcraft players then is normal for them to be confused since all they know to do is to click as fast as possible on shortcuts and on icons. They don't even think they rush. The tower rush killed the AOE 1 and 2 which forced dev team to set only limited number of towers in AOE3.

Having to plan my retreat in case if something goes wrong is the part of the strategy. Weakening the ennemy is the part of the strategy. Resupplying the fleet and making necessery reparations is the part of the strategy. Having to secure supply lines is the part of the strategy.

But after all may be I'm too old and I ask too much whereas young guys all they want is the fast action with minimum time of preparation before engagement.

IMHO taking out the 3d and making 2.5D was the good move but making instant repairs was the bad decision eventhough you tryed to compasate with pop cap and the weakness of ships.

Unfortunately this will not be fixable with mods unless making construction time insanely long.

The pure strategy game magazines will not miss you with this one.

You make a squadron of Y-Wings, X-Wings, A-Wings, and a couple of Corvettes and gunboats, send them into the fight and concentrate on protecting the Y-Wings until they can destroy whatever target you were after, while the fighters do cover... And I imagine you could probably do raids on planets deep inside their space...
You don't get it arent you ?

If you face a large fleet there is no way for you that you can destroy some hard points on capital ships before retreating becase the repairs are immediate.

Imagine this.

You found out that your opponent is massing a large fleet to attack you. Your fleet is on the other side of the galaxy and all you have are cuple of X-wings and Y-wings.

You decided to pay him a litle visit and to strike some hard points which should help you later or at least buy you some time because he would initiate repairs.

With the actual system this isn't paying off because as soon as the battle has ended repairs are done it is just like you did nothing. You will have to destroy an entire ship. If your oponent isn't stupid or a total noob he will have patrol boats to prevent bomber runs. You will not be able to destroy all hard points of the ship before your bombers are wiped out.

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