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If you do it right then you'd go in, take out smaller ships first, and then retreat, rebuild your fighters and launch another hit and run... Go for the smaller ships first, then take on the larger ones... The corvettes and gunboats would soak up fire from the patrol craft...

The build times take longer in the final build... So, let's say a Star Destroyer takes 2 minutes to build, well you can fly in there with a small strike force and take out, have the A-Wings lure enemy fighters away and towards a couple of corvettes, while the X-Wings and gunboats go with the Y-Wings and attack either the hard points on the Star Destroyer, or work on taking out the frigates and patrol craft... As you destroy those craft, well it's going to take some time to rebuild and reposition them.

Assuming Star bases have to be fully upgraded to build all ships, and that Star Destroyers will only be buildable on those four planets that are in the mod, then as you destroy craft, unless it's at a production planet, then getting his losses back will take some time.

Fighters are expendable and take very little time to build, so say you send in 5 Y-Wings and you lose 2 squadrons, and a 3rd to the retreat loss, well you only need to build 3 in a few moments, while the enemy has larger ships that need to be rebuilt. If the empire wants fighters they need to build ships with hangers... Those whips will take time to rebuild....

It's a good system, it'll just take alot of effort to be able to pull off proper hit and runs.... It can be done... For the fleet to be balanced right you'd need a bunch of corvettes and destroyers, if you offset that balance just right, you'll cripple the fleet and be able to bring in yours to make up the difference....
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