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f you do it right then you'd go in, take out smaller ships first, and then retreat, rebuild your fighters and launch another hit and run... Go for the smaller ships first, then take on the larger ones... The corvettes and gunboats would soak up fire from the patrol craft...
Those small ships are ant-aircraft ships. The main goal of every raid is to take our or to dammage targets of hihg importance such as ISD or VSD.


It isn't about how good does it feel it's about giving a little bit of salt to the game.
In movies (since you started to refer to them in the first place) the Empire was unable to knock out the rebelion even with its hughe fleet because supply lines were stretched across the galaxy and were vunerable to the rebelion attack. It's a major problem of every army. Guerilla war is all about hit the ennemy make some dammage to vital targets and run.

I sincerly hope that this game will not turn into another generals or command and conquer ? I really put some high excpetation on this game but as it is for now all RTS games on the market have pale-faced strategy.

Man I really miss MAX time.

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