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Originally Posted by Orao
With all due respect but what players ? Any player who like the strategy will love to have those options in the game. On the other hand if you talk about a la warcraft and starcraft players then is normal for them to be confused since all they know to do is to click as fast as possible on shortcuts and on icons. They don't even think they rush.
I totally aggree on this. There are Real Time Strategies out there, and there are Real Time Strategies as category is strategy as it meant to be, the other is an FPS where you control a bunch of guns, without being a specific one.

Originally Posted by Orao
Having to plan my retreat in case if something goes wrong is the part of the strategy. Weakening the ennemy is the part of the strategy. Resupplying the fleet and making necessery reparations is the part of the strategy. Having to secure supply lines is the part of the strategy.
I believe that a good RTS, scifi or history-based, should first take a serious look to what's happening in the real wars. All the above are simply real war tactics/demands for victory and in my humble opinion are not that "difficult" to think, even for a newbie. Besides, hunting the enemy to death, even if that sounds by far cruel (we talk about war afterall), is in many circumstances the point of a long-term attack.

Originally Posted by Orao
But after all may be I'm too old and I ask too much whereas young guys all they want is the fast action with minimum time of preparation before engagement.

The pure strategy game magazines will not miss you with this one.
I don't think age has to do with what a RTS should implement, and of course, we're not referring to hard-core RTS gamers, but those that play strategy games and not the above-mentioned "FPS-look strayegies".

Non the less, nor RTS magazines, nor the a logical RTS gamer will ignore the many, many wrong decisions taken, in favor of...i don't know...No offence taken, the game still looks nice, but "in favour of balancy issue", it was butchered...

Diplomacy was completely wiped out, wiping out with its turn the 99% part of what the Galactic Map could offer as a turn-based feature. Now, all that it does, it's moving forces here and there. The "statistics" screen only reminds something of some good diplomacy features...

Instant repair is the finishing stroke.
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