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Originally Posted by Smon
That's a subsidiary of Nick, which is too kiddy. Afterall that's what led to the downfall of Invader Zim.

Jhonen Vasquez heard about how 10 year olds were getting their hands on his comic JTHM (Johnny the Homicidial Maniac a most excellent read) and pulled the show himself only to find a few months later that he got more intelligent replies from the 10 year olds than the adults.

What would the levels be like in Psychonauts? How the hell are we going to know, look at the last game and see how crazy that is.

Perhaps the next game will hold mirror world, or under the mattress land, or perphas on the head of a pin (that would be awesome.) What would I like in a level though?

I would like for one level to be opposite of itself.
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