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I agree with MachineCult and Darth_Terros.
Quinlan Vos is a EU character who is based on the unnamed extra in TPM. In the movie he isn't identified specifically, so in this you have a point, TK-8252. If you only take the movies in account, we just don't know who this extra is. It could be Quinlan Vos, it could be someone comepletly else.

However in EU is implied that this extra is him (Star Wars Republic: Twilight). This is expanding the Star Wars Universe at its most basic level, adding flesh to the movies. I would like to point out another popular EU character was "born" out of the Boonta Eve Classic scenes: Aurra Sing. Those were the earliest expansions into the prequel area and are still very popular.

Conclusion: Taking EU into account,then yes, this is Quinlan Vos in TPM, taking only the movie in account it still could be him, but that is then just speculation. Remember that even GL himself doesn't refrain from using things in the prequels that stem from EU like the name 'Coruscant', Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos.
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