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Originally Posted by Insane Sith
Or, how about just a thread? There's really no point in having multiple threads for one Roleplay.
Yes actually, in major roleplaying threads on most forums there's a separate discussion thread.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
You have one thread for all characters where everyone posts their various personas. If a new RP starts up, one can just link to their post in the stickied thread for their character information. Each RP can have two threads, one for the actual RP and the other for OOC posts, which would be the planning thread. They would be similarly named, ex. "Blah blah (RP)" and "Blah blah (OOC)". This is the way it's worked for various other RP forums on LF for a long time now.
Personally I dislike the single Character threads, but they are a convenient starting point for newbies. Often, though, information posted them quickly becomes irrelevant as characters change (or never becomes relevant in the first place, since the poster may never join a thread).

The rest of the stuff about two threads per RPG if necessary is indeed how it's worked in other forums, and quite effectively, for some time.

We've never done casting call threads, but we've also never actively tried to recruit new members.

If you make three threads for one RPG, it could get pretty cluttered. Just two threads can get cluttery, with the discussion thread falling off the pages and going unused, etc. But I understand the potential benefit of Casting Call threads as a tool for getting attention of wandering people.

My advice: If you want to implement this, an experimental subforum for discussion/planning (I don't see a reason to have separate planning and discussion threads, one naturally becomes the other) and casting call threads might be a good idea. But you'll need to ditch any single Monothread where all character bios go, ala the one in the JK RPG forums. (A glance at the DTC tells me you don't have one anyway.)

Fitting the more rule-oriented style of these RPG forums than most, the Casting Call threads should be strictly related to casting only, to avoid spam. Especially since in this model you can still have the discussion threads.

(Hey, it is called the "Dantooine Theater Company". Why not have a "Backstage" forum?)

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