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*A Foreigner-class ship touches down on a landing pad several kilometers from the Jedi Council.

The cargo bay door opens and five cloaked individuals walk out. Two of them wear a set of black robes, each follow another with tan robes. The fifth one whom walks out in the center wears robes that resembled worn by Jedi in the old order before the purge.

The center one removes his hood. The man appeared to be in his sixties, his hair was well into its graying, he had a thin bread.

Old Jedi "Begin your search for him. I hope he's not gotten himself into trouble."

*the Others* "Yes Master Volmount."

*Each bow and then depart, splitting into twos, respectfully Jedi and Padawan. The Jedi Master stood there in silence.*

Volmount "Chi, I wished you listened before..."


Planet Horris: 25 years before

*A Llamada-class shuttle touches down on the strip. A Jedi in his mid twenties walks out holding a child.

The Jedi walks to the large fortress-like building nearby and is greated by a younger Jedi Knight Volmount. And they begin to walk inside...*

Volmount *with a smile* "Are we all of a sudden picking up strays, Chi?"

Chi "He was on the Imperial transport ship when we attacked it. It appeared that the care takers of the child died during the assault."

Volmount "Who was on the transport??"

*They enter the large building via two section durasteel blastdoors. Inside a command center with people scurring about passing intel reports and comunications recordings collected and sent via remote listening stations.*

Chi "I think we got some bad information. Well I mean that we did get those 'reps that were bound for Coruscant from Corellia. But it info that we got siad nothing about civilians. Fortunately not to meny got hurt. Only this little guy's, whom I think is his care takers."

Volmount "You sure it wasn't his parents?"

Chi "They were,... Let's say the wrong ethnic background..."

*Volmount raises an eyebrow* "Oookay."

Chi "Anyway, the manifest already labeled him a priority, and he was being cared by those two, and was only kept but a name: Irvine."

Volmount "Well I could check the hospital registeries that are relitively close to where that ship departed from, and see if any names popup, given that he was given that he was named when he was born."

Chi "I could get a blood sample from him, and see if that helps as well."

Volmount "Sounds good."


*Master Volmount presses a button on a remote, and the cargo door on his ship closes. He then walks out of the hanger donning his hood and going to a nearby speeder rental.*

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