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Flax: As you say Master, I shall make sure he understands.

*Luke looks around the room.*

Luke: Then we are all agreed? Taklin will oversee the operation to recover our ancient friends.

*One by one the masters voice their accent, the meeting breaks up and the masters exit the Council Chamber.*

*As Flax leaves he waves Deac over.*

Flax: We need to talk, I'm sorry you were kept waiting but I had though the Council might like to address you. Walk with me.

*The two men decend several levels until they come to Flax' office. There was an outer reception area and an inner work room with a refesher.*

Flax: Take a seat. Let me explain why you have been called here. *He explains about the lost Jedi.* I want you to lead the rescue mission. You'll be working with an Admiral from Third Fleet, he'll handle the technical and logistical side but I want someone I know I can trust running this thing.

Obviously you'll be going into Imperial and that is, techically illegal. We don't want an incident so we're doing this very quietly.

Flax: Deac, I can't force you to do this.

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