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Originally Posted by popcorn2008
The one question I have, if you can answer lol, is when you are about to initiate a space battle (for example) and it says "Tactical battle imminent" and you get the begin option and the auto resolve option. Will you be able to see the enemy fleet so you can decide wheter or not you want to auto resolve?
You can't know the exact contents of an enemy fleet without using a spy of some kind before-hand, but you can see the relative strengths of your fleet vs. the enemy fleet by looking at the stack of "coins" at the top of that dialog. The strongest ship type in the fleet will appear at the top of a stack as an icon, and the height of the coin stack will let you know the relative number of ships.

So for example, the Empire has stack of 10 coins with Captain Piett's Accuser at the top, and the Rebels have a stack of 5 coins with a Nebulon-B at the top. In this case, the Rebels are in trouble. In this situation, the Rebels do not want to use Auto-Resolve, because the autoresolve is only favorable to overwhelming odds. Since the Rebels are definitely the underdog, playing through the battle would give them the option of either trying to use superior tactics to win the battle against all odds, or retreat. If they did use auto-resolve, the AI would conclude that retreat was the only option; the Rebel fleet would take severe attrition damage, and potentially be completely wiped out.

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