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Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
Did you just insult me, Klia??

Oh no she didn't!

So do you wanna be in this unwanted RPG, Miss Klia?
Don't fight over this. I don't want to be the guy who started the thread war. I'm going to close this thread until the demand for RPGs is up. If you want to join this RPG put your name here and tell me your characters, when I get 5 people to join I'll start the RPG. And Darth, don't dicourage people. If I get well known I'll thank you.
Here is mine.
Rank:Higher than anybody can count.
Home: He lives at the camp
Powers: Everything you can possibly and impossibly learn.
Theme song:" Stars" by Switchfoot see it at

Oh, yeah. Darth. Refer all noobs you meet to this thread. I now have to go watch a "Friends" rerun on TBS. I have DirectTV and I just got another month free!

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