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*After Volmount gets his speeder, he begins pilotting his rented speeder down the endless streets of the planet-wide city...*


Horris: 25 years ago...

*In an enclosed chamber sat five robed Jedi, and in a small carrage was the infant Irvine which stood next to Chi.

Among the Jedi were 3 Jedi Knights, Chi, Volmount, Na'tach a male zabrak, and two Master Jedi, Master Sa'nar a female human, and the eldest Master Ki'malor.

Volmount was giving a briefing with several holocrons active.*

Volmount "...Yes Master Sa'nar, dispite the fact that the Rebellian was able to destory the Empire's Death Star, it seems it could have been in vain, due to Darth Sidious undergoing the construction of a second Death Star. We've reason to believe that the construction..."

*Volmount touches one of the holographs and the image changes to what the Moddell system.*

Volmount "... is based off of one of the system's planets in the Moddell sector. This is a rough guess what the system's got, becuase intel is very limited. Planets here are kept moonless, for the most we know that the system has a few planets anyway."

*Volmount points to various points in the sector*

Volmount "Its also known that there are several Hyperspace eddies and sinkholes what would leave anyone hopeless to leave the Sector. Probably the reason why Darth Sidious would choose such a place."

Na'tach "It's a place where most people wouldn't want to go. Unless of course properly navigated. But isn't that system far out? And what about the Alliance?"

Chi "From what I've heard is that the Alliance is going to plan out an all out attack on the station."

Volmount *motioning to Chi for his comment* "Yes, this of course puts us at an unfortunate position."

Na'Tach "Indeed, our supplies and ships aren't ready to fully ally with the Alliance nor make our presence a factor with their efforts."

Ka'Malor "It's not about how much we have built ourselves, it's the fact that we've kept ourselves out of this war to eventually join in for a massive counter offencive on the Empire. Keeping an isolationist method of foreign affairs proves nothing but two facts. We keep ourselves hidden and protected while our forces do nothing but get larger, however it leaves our poetental allies to not only suffer in their numbers but also have little faith in us for we could have helped at any time."

Sa'Nar "Unfortunately this, Moddell sector, is on the complete opposite side of this galaxy. From this standpoint, it would take our ships forever it could seem to the Alliance. For all we know due to the speed of some of our intelligence gets collected, the Alliance have already formulated a plan to attack the Death Star."

*Chi and Volmount's eyes connect then look back at the others. Volmount turns off the Holoprojections.*

Volmount "In anycase from my predictions the best we could do, if we deploy now, we'd only help the inner rim asistance from any Imperial uprising, especally on Coruscant." *looks at Chi again.*

Ka'Molar *noting the two looking at one another* "Fine then. I suppose we should discuss a bit more on this later, shall we. On to another place of business. Jedi Knight Chi, I see you picked up something from the pound?"

Chi *not amused, he stands up* "Master, it seems that it has become appearent that this youngling is a very important individual."

Na'Tach "He is?" *smiling* "Now how would a little one like that be so important?"

Volmount "It's not who he is, it's whom he's related to."

*Chi activates a holocron with an image of the transport ship that Chi found Irvine.*

Chi "I found this youngling on a ship on my recent mission with the alliance, what was named operation 'Warm welcome'. The mission was entitled that I were to asist the Alliance with intelligence about a transport of Imperials en route to Coruscant for their inevitable capture and interrogation."

*Chi touches the holocron again, this time the 'onfile' images of the two whom were 'caretakers' for Irvine.*

Chi "On the ship's manifest these two were not one of the Imperials that were mentioned on the Intel that I received for the mission. They were takin care of the youngling there. On the same manifest, only a first name was given for him: Irvine."

Volmount "I and Chi were puzzled, why did an infant and two people whom werent supposed to be on that transport, were on their way to Coruscant."

Chi "We taken blood samples from the boy, and crossed referenced any hospitals that had births with an approximate date to when the boy was born for a possible Mother."

*Volmount touches another holocron, and it shows an image of a woman named "Aseria" and her DNA and two more sets of DNA, both imageless.*

Volmount "We found a close match. This woman and her DNA taken at the time matches with DNA in the boy. However..." *pointing to one of the other DNA structures* "This DNA was also found when we found the mother."

Sa'Nar "The boy's and that other one are nearly identical..."

Chi "Yes, twins. The other is a female. We have no data on the boy's sibling. All we know that it was given a name: Alysara Armenia Hideki. So it was assumed that the Mother's name is Aseria Hideki. We tired to cross reference anything we can find on a Hideki, found nothing, not even her."

Ka'Malor *whom is found this interesting* "After all this and resources spent you found the father?" *mentioning towards the last string of unnamed DNA*

Volmount "Yes. This is were it gets troubling. We managed to find a Cracken Hideki among a list of old Manifests to Corusant from Corellia months before the mother had the children. Only by word of mouth intelligence we were informed that this Cracken and this Aseria had a real hush-hush marrage. From what it mentioned after some more digging that his 'Cracken' was an admiral in the Imperial Navy. However nothing on what fleet he was in, what ship was his. Or even an outpost."

Sa'Nar "It's not nothing new, Darth Sidious has his various of secret projects, like those Death Stars he's built. But why would he abandon his own wife, and soon-to-be children! Even if its for the Empire, that's his children."

Ka'Malor "Easy now Sa'Nar, the Dark Lord had his servants work sometimes to the bone if he sees fit to it."

Volmount "Master Ka'Malor, thats not it! We tried to continue the search on the DNA results to find a sort of family tree, and we came up with one result for this Cracken's father!"

*Volmount touches the screen and then shows, what was then, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The other three whom remained sitting suddenly sat up even strighter then they were.*

Na'Tach "Are you saying that we have the grandson of the Dark Lord of the Sith in our chambers?!"

Chi "Yes. What worries me isn't the Emperior, it is this Cracken Hideki Palpatine. If he's proficient with the force, no doubt that the Emperior has trained him in the ways of the Dark Side, even made him a Sith at that. This child must to remain dead to the universe, or else everything that we worked for will be lost..."


Coruscant, presant day

*Thoughts of the past riddle through Master Volmount's mind as he races towards the Jedi Temple...*

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