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Hey Wedge just forget about Lucas's point of view and think in terms of RL. The big ship gets holes in her's hull during the battle. If there is no dry dock there is no way to repair them. We are talking here about ships which are as large as 7 km. How are you supposed to make repairs right in combat, it has no sens ?

Another thing which is missing is the crew. The ship is only as good as its crew is. However we have no crew managing here. But that isn't the point of all this.

You were talking about not being able to make large fleets of DOOM, well those fleets will happen no matter how hard you tried to balance the game those tactis are happening unless you implement some things from real life.

Yeah I know you need ground forces to conquer the planet but you can also build large invasion army which supposely will let all yours other planets unprotected with the pop cap system.

Ok let's discuss about this matter in terms of pop cap. This system is double edged system. More planets you take from the ennemy and less units he will be able to build and more planets you conquer more units you will be able to support.

Now all you have to do is to conquer the planet.The planet which just have been conquered will be able to build it own units to assure self protection.
Because no minimum military presence is needed to assure the loyalty of the planet the attacking player will be able to take all ground forces for its next move before the planet has finished the building of its own units.

Attacked player dosen't have time to reorganize and to launche the counter-offensive. No ,all he can do is to hope that he will be able to counter attack somewhere else and to reastablish its initial pop cap.

This can be called the gras hopper technic and it will be so devastating that at the end you will see ppl rushing like crazy in MP.

And just to awnser to Darth_Torpid-PG :

I don't consider my self as a hard dying strategy player but some minimum things should be there. We got the problem with repairs atm. I beleive that you did all your best as well as the dev team in general to balance this game but some things are just natural. After battle ressuplying and reparations are needed. This is not complicating the game at all since this can be automated by the game it self.

All the non instant repair system is doing is preventing the attacking player from rushing from one planet to another while giving a chance to the attacked player to reorganize.

Well I wasn't talking about the maintenance cost just about repairs.


I'll still buy this game even if I'm buying it with the greatest fears about its gameplay in MP. I'm buying it to support the dev team because they showed us that they communicate with their customers and because they appear to support the game. It's a very very rare thing those days.
I can only hope that mods will make this game more suitable for my kind of game style.

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