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Originally Posted by Orao
Hey Wedge just forget about Lucas's point of view and think in terms of RL. The big ship gets holes in her's hull during the battle. If there is no dry dock there is no way to repair them. We are talking here about ships which are as large as 7 km. How are you supposed to make repairs right in combat, it has no sens ?
Since when did Imperator/Imperial's become 7 kilometers long?

Sorry, I'm from Canada, and that seems a TAD too large to be a Star Destroyer, quite argueably the largest ship in Empire At War. (Length Wise.)

You were talking about not being able to make large fleets of DOOM, well those fleets will happen no matter how hard you tried to balance the game those tactis are happening unless you implement some things from real life.
This is for the arguement (Don't know who made it,) about the hit-and-run tactics used by Fighters or similar:

And there have been many a time where I took a fleet of Xwings, Ywings, and Awings into an Enemy Space area, and came out the victor. Just because they have corvettes doesn't mean they are impervious to proton bombs. Splitting your Y-Wings into two groups (Capital-based and Corvette-based) will allow you to maximize your attack, and having the Xwings and Awings provide cover.

It may not be doable in the Full game, but it is now. Capital ships are usually my last wave if I cannot get through the defenses.

Also, this is not the real world. It's Star Wars, and the entire Galaxy has a population of like... Trillions. Coruscant's population dwarfs Earth's by many times. It's impossible to not use big fleet tactics, since the Empire has that capability. Remember, you are in control of what the Empire does, not the History of Star Wars.


P.S. Darth Torpid: Love the engine. Even though repair was not doable, there may be a way for the modding community to figure it out. Is there any chance that, similar to the Venator and the V-Wings, that you will be able to include the repair code in a "Do Not Use" folder, or similar, so that the modding community may 'tinker' with it.

Oh yeah, GREAT Venator models, btw. LITTLE OFFTOPIC, but whatever. (Venator = <3)
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