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Originally Posted by Athanasios
And one more question (lol, i like the topic: "5 questions" ), easy to answer, just to cheer us up from the repair discussion: Is the manual "number one!", like the game is going to be? You know, so good as to make you read it till the last page (ok, not till the last one, i never read the guarantee things )...Is it colorful and informative, or grayscale but still informative?

LOL OK, but it's the last one for a while - I have a deadline to attend to

Actually I haven't seen more than a few photocopied pages of the manual since it was done by LucasArts. All I've seen are the insert cards for the tech trees and such to verify them. I'll get to see the final manual the same time you do - when I open my shiny new copy of the game on the 16h

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