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Deac: Somehow I knew you'd come back...but how

*An ageing future Deac appears*

Future Deac: I believe I can answer that! The first time this all happened, everyone but me was destroyed by Syrnl Smith's menaical plans. It was horrible. Admiral ended up on "Time Team." Battledog became MP for Basingstoke Scar was first to be voted off "Survivor". Redwing..oh, it's too horrible....won Big Brother 75...this is but a taste of the terrible Syrnl will unleash!

Syrnl: Yes! And how are you going to stop me?

Future Deac: You forgot that something else useful was invented in the future...

*A flash of light and future Redwing appears*

Redwing: Other time machines. *Whacks Syrnl over the head*

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