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The Point of No Return - Fair Warning

I'd heard about the Point of No Return so before I rescued Lili, I decided to try and bump up my rank level by going back and finding more figments, PSI cards, etc, and also finishing the Scavenger Hunt.
My warning to other gamers is once you return a single brain to Ford back in his lab, you can no longer get an upgrade from him. Period. He stands overlooking the Lab and that's where he stays. Your choices of conversation are limited to either going back in the field, "What is all this machinery for?" and "Never Mind".
So I completed the Scavenger Hunt but can't get the rank-up for it from Ford.

I know there's a rank-up place after the Point of No Return so I will eventually get the rank-up I should for completing the Scavenger Hunt but I would have preferred gaining all the rank-up's I could before passing that Point of No Return.
My advice is not to return any brains to Ford until you're fully ranked up.
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