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Originally Posted by igyman
Korriban - yes!! Dantooine - please no!
I think korriban sould be a yes if maybe you get to learn about the true sith there like go back into the tombs again and go deeper and fine more information to help you know more about them but not really just to go there cause I really like going into the tombs in KOTOR but i found maybe there sould have been more just kind make you wonder more want to find out. Dantooine well hummm I think that sould be up to what you did in KOTOR 2 if KOTOR 3 is based off what you did in that one if you saved the republic i think there sould be a new jedi enclave if not heck make the planet destoryed or something lol but of course it could be there againa dn you could go the crystal cave again to learn more about revans and the exiles attacks there
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