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Cool Guy Old School JK sites...!

Hey gang, was going through some of the JK directories looking for map files, and found some fun things from the past. I realize many of these are defunct relics, but some are suprisingly still functional and/or relevant!

Take a gander at some of the greats (a few of these are still on our hot list due to their archival value): (JKMAG) (Al MacDonald's OLD site (the new one is here!)) (Patch Commander) (Kicker Helper) (Hiss' Strategy Station) (CTF Group) (Trail's Guide to JK)

----------------------------- (FileHQ) (Gangstas of Nar Shaddaa!) (Darkness Falls) (Jedi Editing Academy) (Jedi Fortress) (Jedi Knight Ring) (Jedi Knight Level Addons! (the infamous MMvSG, at least you can still download it!) (JediKnight.Net Links)

Some sites were sadly gone forever (unless somebody kept a backup someplace) like hyperview (map review site) and 3do Studio.

So please excuse the dust and cobwebs, I just thought this might spark some nostalgia in some of us old school JKers. And maybe it'll give the newer people a glimpse into our community's past...

And who knows, you might find some file that still works which you might want to try!

PS: If anybody finds a broken image or broken file link someplace, and actually HAS the real image or file that would replace it. Please email ( it to me with the description of where it should go and I'll be happy to upload it!

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(JA Server:

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