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There are ways to have Kreia be influenced and still be Light Side or Dark Side.

Kreia - Influence Decrease - "That is a lesson I will never learn, for I do not believe it." in response to "And that is my lesson to you. Be careful of charity and kindness, lest you do more harm with open hands than with a clenched fist." after meeting the third beggar in the landing pad area (Kreia: 26)

This is an example where you can tell Kreia there is wisdom in what she says and you can be more careful in the future and still get Light Side points along with her influence.

With Kreia, I get most of my influence with her by learning her lessons of listening, skills, etc. You can get 100% with her that way. Doing the lessons open up enough influence and she'll tell you about Revan and you can get more influence with her.

With Bao-Dur and the Handmaiden, there are ways of being Dark Side and getting 100% with them too. Like on Nar Shaddaa, you can tell the thugs to hand over their credits and jump off the ledge and you get Dark Side points and influence with Bao-Dur. Also compliment Bao-Dur on his work with the sensors on Dantooine and putting together the speeder that can get you around Nar Shaddaa by letting him help you.

The Handmaiden can get 100% by just training with her on the Ebon Hawk and being Dark Side. Just don't murder in front of her and you're good.

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