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Thumbs up My Empire At War Review

Set in between chapters of the two Star Wars series, this real-time strategy game bridges Episode III and Episode IV as wars rages across the galaxy after the Clone Wars.
The game lets players wage war on ground and space, as the Rebel Alliance, and Empire.

Star Wars: Empire At War is the game Force Commander wishes it was, itís a game I for one have been waiting for since FC (Force Commander) came out.
Having enjoyed recently LucasArts games, this was a breath of fresh air in the real time strategy game era.
When I first saw the title on LucasArts website, I thou ďGreat another RTS wannabe!Ē
I wasnít really taken with the game, but after playing the demo and the coverage Iíve already seen for the game, Iím pleased to say the game is impressive, most impressive.
It delivers!

The Demo contains 5 tutorials for both Imperial and Rebel players, and a single player mode Space/Ground attack battle.
Normally I skip through the tutorials and go straight onto game play. However I decided to make the most of the demo and do the tuts first.
Although a couple of them are long winded itís a fantastic way to get a quick launch into the game, telling you exactly how to call your reinforcements, create bombing runs, making the most out of your troops, giving you information on what troops do what.
When this game is released, Iíll be going straight into a single player game aimed with knowledge of how to crush the Rebellion Forces from my screen!!! (Yeah being the Imperial I am)
If thatís not enough for you from this demo, sit back and enjoy a space battle launched on the Imperials, led by your own controlled Millennium Falcon piloted by none other than Han and Chewie.
The great thing about this battle and with all others you will get to play when the game is released is the Cinematic View.
You can play the game in Birds Eye view, or get up close and personal in the battle your are commanding and see a cinematic view of the orders you give.
That was something I greatly enjoyed for the Space/Ground battle demo, another thing that has left me hungry for this games release next week.

Iím really looking forward to the final version when it arrives. From what Iíve experienced with both the demo I think it's safe to say that Empire at War promises to be the best Star Wars strategy game yet.
Its incredible gameplay is sure to appeal to Star Wars fans everywhere.

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