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Originally Posted by Good Sir Knight
Well obviously you have internet connectivity so why don't you join the community and play?

Playing on LAN would be pretty boring I think unless you had alot of |33t friends around.
Obviously, but then for all we knew he was posting from a different computer (work, school) than the one he can use for gaming.

First download XFIRE

This program, when used appropriately will give you a list of servers to choose from. Since you posted this thread, I'm assuming you have the internet correct?

Install/Open XFire

Pick a server and double click on it.

You have now joined the server, please follow the rules or you will be bantished.
Good advice, there's also All-Seeing Eye and Qtracker as well. Not to knock Xfire at all of course. Though (and this is a nitpick) he should already be able to see servers inside JK2.


Oh Kurgan, charming as always though I'm afraid this is yet another one of your stabs at a certain segment of the gaming population.

(which happens to be a pariah around here I might add)
I don't see how this is one of my "personal stabs." It's well known that "honor codes" exist in both JK2 and JA online communities. I was merely pointing out that fact, and wondering if he "stupid codes" he meant "stupid (honor) codes" which would be a valid enough assumption. His post was rather ambigious in any case. If he had said "stupid rules" that would have been more clear.

Personaly I'm not much for honor codes, to much of a temptation to choke people. Nontheless, 'honor freaks' deserve the same ammount of respect that any other player does and we shouldn't judge them for the way they play... if that's fun for them, good thing.

I guess I'm just standing up for my friends over at the ThC clan, they're 'honorable guys'
Fair enough. I'd say at least three "honor players" have shown me respect that I recollect. This compared to the dozens which have shown the opposite or lack of it. Perhaps that makes me a bit biased, but in any case, the point of my post was not to attack honor players, since that horse has already been beaten to death. The only honor players I really have a problem with are the ones who insist I (and the majority of people) not be allowed to play the game normally, that's all.

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