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"No none. The last were just killed. If you follow me I'll take you to the command center"
Viper turned and walked back the way he had just come. The doors slid open and he was confronted by a clone trooper. The clone armour was the newer armour worn by the clones near the end of the war. Viper was unsure. He knew the clones they were working with had the older armour. He moved his hand towards his pistol slowly.
"Er I did not know that armour was being used"
"well it is obviously"
Viper suspected something at once. He struck the trooper down. And tore off his helmet. He was young and had bleach blonde hair.
"Who are you?" Viper demanded as he put pressure on the boys throat
"Arhh....I...will never tell you" he sat and spat at Viper
Viper increased the pressure on the boys throat he just laughed
"If you kill me you won't get information and it's either you killing me or the Imperials. What is there to loose in not telling you?"
Viper released his grip and kicked the boy in the side
"Throw him into a cell"
he said to two clone troopers
"Yes sir"
Viper thought there might be more. The invasion of Kamino had begun...


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