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Originally Posted by Orao
If it's all you wanted then I can may be send you my copies of Imperium Galactica 1 and 2. It's the concept which was implemented back in 1995.

Just for note. As I said in my PS I'll buy this game despite reparing system not being implemented.


From star wars wikipedia

So making repairs on 1 mile long hull during battle is something doable in your eyes ?
Remember, this is the STAR WARS universe. They built the Death Star 2, which is (either 160 KM in DIAMETER, or 900 KM in Diameter, whichever measurement still proves the point) in 4 Years after the destruction of the first one. I do not see why they cannot repair damaged Star Destroyers within one day. Notice I said "Repair," not "Build." Repairing would be just a matter of replacing new parts with old. Also, the damage that the Star Destroyers sustain are unbelieveable, visual representations to convey destruction. If one Turbolaser battery were to be destroyed, it isn't as though the whole left side would buckle and break off.

That said, if the fleet that was sent in moderately damaged your defenses, but you defeated them, then it can stand to reason that they won't be coming back any time soon.

And I don't get why you said 'during battle.' Repair takes place after, not during.
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