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Chapter 2: Defeat or Victory?

"As you know young one, Revan came into the Unknown Regions and met up with our people and fought against those that called themselves the True Sith and they were aided by our enemies the Rashikians..."
"You would have done well to have joined them," Ashira-Li interrupted for she disliked being held against her will. One of her flaws was her tendency to send things flying if she was in a place she did not go willingly or as instructed by the council. Her captors noted it and had a special room made where they were now.
"And you would do well to listen to how Revan and your family ruined everything we built. Now where was I? Oh yes, Revan was leading a batallion of our people to protect the central planet of our system. My forces were to cover the escape routes the Sith would have taken..."
"Yeah, yeah I've heard this part, seven days it took to win the battle. Revan was victorious and the Rashikians driven out. Afterwards she was asked to become one of our people where it is said she lived for the remainder of her days with the one she loved," she said rather impatiently but it was masking a series of cues she was giving to Obi-wan who slid into a role of confusion and waiting.
"Did you also know that on that battle that she left us to die and that we were expendable," Count Torrence countered failing to get a rise out of her.
"That part I missed but if it were you I wouldn't want you around either."
"Such strength," and his finger stroked her cheek, "Just like her mother and just like Revan. I wonder if...maybe we should discuss this another time?"
"Just to let you know, Exile, we won't be staying here much longer," and with a push that sent her captors flying, Ashira used the Force to summon her lightsaber and cut her and Obi-wan free who caught her drift that she would find a way out. The Togorains roared to go after them. Count Torrence simply said, "Let her go, she will find the truth. Release all her information to our contacts in the Outer Rim. Time for a surprise."
Making their way out of the brig, they raced to the ventilation shafts and began to climb through it. At every junction, Ashira would place a little device to disable the trackers. They were able to make it to an escape pod and launched towards the planet below.

Meanwhile Kaedra was trying to explain the situation to Qui-gon, "She doesn't know this and hasn't known from the time she was born. It was for her safety."
"So she was hidden in the Jedi Temple all this time?"
"It was destined that she become a Jedi anyway. It was to keep her faraway from those that still hold grudge from millenia earlier."
"We should plot a course along the last know trajectory once we land. If I know her she would find a way out and my padawan would be willing."

On the escape pod Ashira-Li was wondering what Count Torrence meant by what he said. She tried to convince herself that it was his hatred but it failed. She really didn't know anything about her family and yet somehow Torrence knew. Obi-wan was quiet, letting her think and guide the ship while thinking the same thing. The last thoughts running through her head before they touched on the planet were, "Was that battle a defeat or victory?"

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