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Originally Posted by Kurgan
That's cool, but remember C'Boath was created long before we knew anything about the prequels, so he could be retconned. Remember, he was supposed to be a member of the Jedi Council, and we never saw him in all three movies. Though we never saw Sifo Dyias either (Lama Su thought he was a prominent member of the Jedi Council 10 years before AOTC).

Right, well the term "master" implies you have someone under you (what are you "master of" after all? unless it's like a degree, like Bachelor of the Force, Master of the Force, Doctor of the Force, etc). But then it's a bit confusing, because suddenly in ROTS it's also a "Rank" for members of the Jedi Council (Anakin being the exception), plus people call you "Master Jedi" out of respect, regardless of rank (except Padawans I guess).

You're a Padawan, then a Jedi (Knight), and then maybe you could be a Master. Was Qui Gon a Master (the rank apparently didn't exist in the movies yet, but I mean now that we have ROTS)?

There are very few Jedi, and consequently somebody has to train them. I agree, not all Jedi will achieve the rank of Master probably, but Yoda can't train everyone (at least not forever).
Wow, that's incredibly confusing.

Masters can be Masters without sitting on the Council; They were, for a lack of a better way to put it, 'Doctors' of the Force, much in the same way that you may earn a Doctorate in Science, etc. etc. (Not doctor's as in..."Get me 3 miligrams of whatever, stat."); Qui-Gon was a Jedi Master, according to the Star Wars databank, but because of his unorthodox methods, he was not granted a seat on the Council; technically, all Jedi may and will ascend into Masterhood, save for their a) untimely death, b) lack of action, c) inability to find a Knight as a Padawan. Remember, Younglings who were not placed into the care of a Jedi Knight were transfered to 'Corps.' (I.E. Agricultural Corps.)

A Jedi Master is a rank above Jedi Knight. Jedi Knight is a colloquial term for all of the Jedi. Padawan is a learner. Jedi Knight, the rank, is an 'Agent' of the Force. So on, so forth.

Damn, Jedi are confusing. ):
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