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MUNICH was absolutely astounding. i can't believe spielberg made the subpar (i thought) War of the Worlds in the same year. everybody go see munich. i didn't even notice the length at all until i walked out of the theatre and checked the time on my phone.

oh, hey, since we're all rating out of five, 5/5.
and recently i've been watching a bunch of documentaries (because i'm making one, and i need a bunch of stuff to subconsciously rip off). Hoop Dreams is the best documentary I've ever seen (5/5), Murderball was really enjoyable (4/5), paradise lost was great as well (4/5). haven't gotten to Grizzly Man yet but i've rented it and it's just sitting on my tv.

and for the record i was not really a fan of the narnia movie. i didn't think it was bad at all, i just found it entirely unremarkable. 2/5. they're making sequels, hopefully those will sell me on it.
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