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Originally Posted by Achilles
Therefore, they are completely outside the scope of this walkthrough and probably have no merit in this thread. Feel free to use the General Influence Guide that I put together to make and publish your own. Just make sure that I get an acknowledgement in the readme
Well actually after I read your guide out of curiosity, I skimmed through to see other people's comments. I came across this.
Originally Posted by darthvadersligh
why isnt boa-dur a dark jedi???
Originally Posted by Vibro
I think he means that on the DS influence walkthrough there is no option allowing Bao-Dur to become a dark jedi.
I was just making general responses that it's not necessary to follow your guide and that there are other ways to do things if you so desired. That's one of the reasons why I made the Bao-Dur comments that you can make him a Dark Jedi and other things I noticed just in case people wonder if there are other alternatives to the suggestions you have made. We did established it takes more patience, but it can be done since I've done Bao-Dur a Dark Jedi and got the influence of every party member by being Dark Side. I do feel I was contributing to the discussion by adding to people's general questions they had, or will have possibly have in the future. Anyway, again the guide is well done and thanks to all your hard work, it will add to the fun of the game.

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