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I can see somebody sending 6 ISDs (total of 6 bomber and 12 fighter squads I believe) to a battle. After deploying the fighters and bombers the fighters go after the rebel fighters and bombers and the bombers take out as many ships as possible, MC cruisers first. The 12 fighter squads can spell certain doom for even A-wings. After a while the Empire retreats.

End results:
Rebel losses:
3 squads of A-wings to the fighters
1 squad of Y-wings to the fighters
2 MC cruisers to the bombers

Imperial losses
12 squads of fighters, to the fighters, bombers and corvette (but they're free)
6 squads of bombers (but they're free), to the fighters and corvette
No ISDs are lost, effectively the Empire has no losses after instant repair, now if the rebels also have recently lost the last of their capital ship building planets, those 2 MC cruisers can't be replaced.

Rebels don't have interdictor ships, so they can do nothing to stop this. Come to think of it, can you allow your enemy to retreat when you have interdictor ships? Can you forcefire (red alert uses control for this) on your own gravitywell? Can you still retreat when you have interdictor cruiser with your fleet? Do they still work when they're not on the field, but in the reinforcements list (as in you took them with you, but they haven't deployed in the first row)?

There are times when you want the enemy to escape, for example when defending a valuable system and the fleets are evenly matched. If they can't escape they might just win, so I'd rather let them escape if that means keeping the system.
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