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Originally Posted by Pahricida
Qui Gon is still looking like a draft to me. Maybe add a little more contrast. He had more wrinkles and the area around the eyes could be a little darker. His beard is still very brown, he had a few more white hairs I guess.
Not bad as a young Liam skin though :P
Thanks Pahricida, I appreciate the CC- it helps me make a better skin. Yeah I plan on tweaking the face a bit. Some contrast would be good. I will tweak the hair too, and add some grey and also sharpen it. As far as wrinkles go, I will accent his forehead and his cheeks more. Maybe then he will look a bit older...or hung over. :P

Originally Posted by Pahricida
Obi Wan on the other hand came out pretty well.The hairline also seems a little rough. His eyebrows might a little too blurry. Don't forget to add the birthmark on his right cheek, if the Mesh UV allows it.
Thanks! I will try to work on what you suggested. And yes the UV mesh does allow me to add that birthmark, so I'll do that tonight as well.
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