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Interesting this but I have to disagree. No one said being the Rebels was going to be easy - its the same way in the movies. The Rebels can do small raids for example against Imperial controlled planets - thus not needing to entire into a space combat.

The Death Star is a pain but thats life. If you have a strong hold, put Red Squadron there. If you are worried about Spies, move them around a bit until you know the Death Star is coming.

The rebels can steal credits from the Empire and it wont be a push over trying to stop that. If you play it right, you can win tough battles. The 'hard points' on ships give you that chance. Rebel heroes have their own set of skills not requiring the force and to be honest, lucky to have Han Solo as he really doesnt get involved until much later.

All is not lost but lets see what happens with the full version first

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