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My drawings

These are a few of my drawings.. not the best, but alright I suppose.

UPDATE: A new one. (Different uploading place, image shack)

Not much to say about this one. It was a request and I.. as usual, screwed it up. (Supposed to be half-twilek)

Padawan Killer

Darth Merkus. When Order 66 was sent out, he went to Korriban, and slaughtered the Jedi's there. Since they were Padawans on meaningless digging conservations, they were easy kills. He used their braids as decorations on his lightsaber's hilt.

Dark Jedi Kid

Tainted by the Dark Side at birth, this young lad was blinded by power, but not easily a pushover. He is usually seen resting and meditating, sending the power of the force somewhere in Naboo, his location is unknown. Not many people have seen him and lived to tell the tale.

Jedi Knight

This Jedi Knight was honored for his bravery for fending off the Jedi Council during Order 66 on Deralia. His Knight armor protected him, but not well enough. Him, his family, and the council were slaughtered there after.

Contemplating Jedi

This young woman is usually seen meditating on a rock. But the taint of the Dark Side plagues her mind. She is torn between the Light and the Dark side of the Force.

Dark Jedi Kimonian

The first Jedi in the whole Galaxy. They were the first to make lightsabers and clone. The ancient race of the Kimonians still have influence over the main armies and planets of the many Galaxies. Skillful and athletic, this Jedi has turned to the Dark Side, as anyone can tell by the arcane markings on it's neck.

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