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Indeed, I think I have to side with DMUK.

I'm not sure we know all that has to do with Bothan spies. I believe it has been mentioned before that rebels have better intel than Imperials by Delphi.

One thing about the non-persistant damage. If you don't like it, then concentrate on tearing apart essential ships they have rather than just damaging them. It's a step harder, but who ever said raids were supposed to be a walk in the park. Besides, I think you'll kiss petro's feet for the damage the first time you get whipped in a space battle and run for your life.

Also with Heroes, I think it will be somewhat more balanced than you are worried about in the full game. Names don't mean much when it comes down to it. Obi-Wan Jedis up, while Chewie steals the enemy AT-AT AND comes paired with Han, Ackbar rocking out in Home One, etc. They've got some heroes with a punch.

It's not like the Rebel units are pushovers either. Toe to toe rebel troopers take down imp troopers, etc. They have plenty of advantages, many of which havn't been exposed via the demo or the mods.

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