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I have played the demo with the empire and rebels unlocked... now bear in mind that the units may have different values and stats vs the release, but also consider that the demo was built early December so they don't have freedom to change too much that close to release. That being said, the Rebels are harder to play against, and easier to win with IMO. My biggest issue is the accuracy of each side. When playing as the Empire against the Rebels on Hard I was irritated at just how different the accuracy was. The Empire weapons would miss 19 times out of 20 and the Rebels would hit 19 out of 20. Thinking that maybe this is a part of the difficulty setting (although I didn't see a reference to accuracy in the difficulty xml file) I decided to try the Rebels vs the Empire on Hard. Accuracy disparagy was still there, in my favor this time. I am very disappointed in this. The opposite should be true if there is a difference at all.
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