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Just finished playing part of the first tutorial. It sure wasnt as captivating as EaW's tutorial was, but of course I am slightly biased. It really felt to me like the same old RTS formula only LoTR style. It is becoming apparent that game developers are gonna have to change up the formula or else only specilized customers will buy. What I mean is, only LoTR fans will buy this game, not the general RTS fans. Of course, this may not be the case but for me it is.

I'll give it anouther go tommorow, just a skirmish or the advanced tutorial. But the basic one was just boring and it had bugs in it. I could tell it was the same old engine as Generals too, even after all these years they cant start fresh. Im sure glad EaW has a new engine to play around with.

So far, im not impressed, but i'll give it anouther go tommorow.

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