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Originally Posted by Athanasios
There are no "zillion" strategies and counterstrategies, don't exagerrate. Not even in real wars.
Yes there are...sure, many of them are variations on similar ideas, but there are countless possibilities.

And of course a clever human player will exploit the existing system to his advantage, that's one reason of the whole fuss, the "doom fleet" as some people named it.
Not every successful tactic is necessarily a problem with the game engine or "cheating." If it's really a bug in the code, sure, it needs to be fixed, but if you keep getting beaten the same way over and over again, you just need to figure out a way to counterattack. The whole idea of any war game is to exploit the opponent's weaknesses!

EaW looks like "attack, defend, move forces around", no more, no less.
Yeah...but so does StarCraft, C&C, chess, any other strategy game. "Move forces around" encapsulates a great deal of strategy, no matter how simple. The Japanese game Go has three rules and is one of the most complex strategy games in the world.

Orao: Oh, just wait for the full game, watch the community, and see if it is a problem. I highly doubt that you'll be able to escape every single engagement with only damaged hardpoints--some of your ships are going to be destroyed. That's the inherent balance for the "fleet of doom:" the ships in this game get blown up really easily compared with other RTS games. Instead of your ship taking persistent damage in the form of hardpoints, your fleet takes persistent damage in the form of lost ships. The amount of time and resources required in-game to build up a fleet large enough to be truly invulnerable would probably leave your non-production planets vulnerable to smaller-scale enemy attacks, anyways, making for a losing strategy before the "fleet of doom" actually becomes a factor. It's gone gold already....wait and see.

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