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fleet of doom

In my last post I offered planetary guns as a counter to the fleet of doom. I'd like to offer another:

You can selectively destroy hard-points on capitol ships so that they are harmless (destroy all the guns, but let the engines and/or shields contiune to function ), but leave the ships alive to prevent reinforcement. Just destroy one ship at a time. You could destroy each new ship as it joins the battle.

Besides, while your monster fleet is taking one system at a time, my balanced fleets will be taking several.

As I said before; Please try that tactic on me. Anyone with skill will spank you ( that may exclude me ). You may beat the AI that way, maybe not, but as long as we're both playing by the same rules, I dare you to try such a simple-minded tactic on me. :-)

Gary Swift (aka gswift)
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You can try to monkey-proof your program, but you'll never monkey-proof the monkey.

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