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Rancors are powerful. What do you expect?
Given that this is a modern-day SW game, not much. They threw accuracy, realism, and common sense out the window ages ago.

Quote:'s a video game.
I hate worthless cliché "arguments".

Yes, it's a game, but it needs to make sense, too.

After all, the Rancor is neutral, just like the ____ tornado.
And that's got what to do with how strong it is?

Also, it's not as unrealistic as it first seems.
I know. It's worse.

With that aside, think about how vulnerable the walkers' legs are and if the Rancor can wipe out an AT-ST or T2-B in one blow (...)
The AT-AT is blaster-proof, friend. What is more, it appears to be heavy laser-proof, too. It can't just be ripped apart by a three metres tall creature.

And the legs aren't more vulnerable than the rest of the thing. I don't see your reasoning for why it should be, at least, seeing they hold the thing up and thus need to be pretty strong, as they're what the enemy will target.

Oh, and the Rancor cannot wipe out a T2-B or AT-ST in one blow. In the game, maybe, but in "reality"? Come on, now. Maybe it could punch a hole in that pathetic AT-ST, but come on, use your reasoning.

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