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Post Legacy of the Force Series [spoiler tags plz]

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Book 1- Betrayel - Released May 30th 2006
Betrayal takes place in the era of Luke Skywalker's legacy, where the Jedi Master has unified the order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights. But as the new era begins, planetary interests threaten to disrupt the peace. The book begins with a mission to uncover an illegal missile factory on the planet Adumar but ends in a violent ambush that Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and his protégé and cousin, Ben Skywalker, narrowly escape with their lives. This ambush is the most alarming evidence yet of political unrest that is threatening to ignite into total rebellion. The governments of numerous worlds are chafing under the strict regulations of the Galactic Alliance, and diplomatic efforts to enforce compliance are failing. The Alliance readies a preemptive display of military might on the world of Corellia in a bid to bring the rogue worlds to heel before an uprising erupts.

Jacen Solo is duty bound as a Jedi to stand with his uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, on the side of the Galactic Alliance. But the Corellian's counterstrike, the Alliance's show of force and a secret mission to disable Corellia's crucial Centerpoint Station give way to an armed skirmish. Once the skirmish is over, the battle lines will have become drawn. Now the specter of full-scale war looms between a growing cadre of defiant planets and the Galactic Alliance that some fear is becoming a new Empire. Even as both sides struggle to find a diplomatic solution, mysterious acts of treachery and sabotage threaten to doom peace efforts at every turn.

Determined to root out those behind the mayhem, Jacen follows a trail of cryptic clues to a dark rendezvous with the most shocking of revelations. Meanwhile Luke grapples with dream visions of a shadowy figure whose Force power and ruthlessness remind him of Darth Vader - a lethal enemy who strikes like a dark spirit on a mission of doom. An agent of evil who, if Luke's visions come to pass, will bring untold pain to the Jedi Master and to the entire galaxy. In the book evil is rising again and, out of the best intentions, it looks as if the legacy of the Skywalkers may come full circle.

Book 2- Bloodlines - Released September 06
"But the bitterest enemy can be your own flesh and blood - and your foe can turn out to be your only ally."

In Bloodlines, a civil war continues to break out in the Galactic Alliance. Meanwhile, acts of terrorism force the Alliance to create even more repressive laws. Many families find themselves divided, including the Solo/Skywalkers. Old enemies Han Solo and Boba Fett are forced to work together as they learn new information about their children. Meanwhile Luke and Mara Skywalker fear for their son, Ben Skywalker, when his Jedi Master, Jacen Solo, makes a dangerous choice. This choice shocks both families and the galaxy. Blurb:
Civil war looms as the fledgling Galactic Alliance confronts a growing number of worlds set on rebellion -- and the approaching war is tearing the Skywalker and Solo families apart. Han's Corellian roots and Luke's dedication to the Jedi order are driving a wedge between the families. Han and Leia's children, Jacen and Jaina, are soldiers in the Galactic Alliance's campaign to crush the insurgents. Luke and Mara are unable to protect their son Ben from war. The quest of an assassin draws out a dreaded name from the past: Boba Fett. And in the new galactic order, friends and enemies are no longer what they seem...

Book 3: Tempest by Troy Denning (November 2006, Paperback)
As the stand-off between the Galactic Alliance and its rebellious member states erupts into full-blown battle, the new Corellian leadership develops a desperate plan to draw the Hapan Consortium into the war on their side. But, the plot poses a moral quandry for Han and Leia Solo, who cannot abide deliberately spreading the war any more than they can the murder of the Hapan Queen Mother, ex-Jedi Knight Tenel Ka. Taking it upon themselves to save her life - and that of her young daughter, Allana - the Solos set in motion a firestorm of confusion and mayhem that will pit children against parents, bring Luke Skywalker into battle with his foremost nemesis, and leave them at the mercy of one of the Jedi's oldest and most deadly enemies.... Blurb:
Forty years after the Battle of Yavin, a dangerous new era in the Star Wars epic begins with the nine-book series, Legacy of the Force. Here's a first look at book three, Tempest, by Troy Denning.
As civil war threatens the unity of the Galactic Alliance, Han and Leia Solo have infuriated their families and the Jedi by joining the Corellian insurgents. But the Solos draw the line when they discover a rebel plot that hinges upon the murder of a longtime ally and her daughter.

The Solos' selfless determination to prevent this death cannot dispel the inescapable consequences of their actions, which will pit mother against son and brother against sister in the battles ahead. For elsewhere in the galaxy, a once-forgotten menace, Lumiya -- Dark Lady of the Sith -- is tipping the balance of the Force once more towards the darkness...

Book 4: Exile by Aaron Allston (February 2007, Paperback)
A dangerous new era in the Star Wars expanded universe continues with the nine-book series, Legacy of the Force, published by Del Rey Books and here's a first look at book four, Exile by Aaron Allston.

The cover to Exile is by artist Jason Felix, who was recently profiled here. The fourth book in the series will be released in paperback, but the series itself is a mix of three hardcovers and six mass-market paperbacks. In addition to Allston, the series features authors Troy Denning and Karen Traviss. The second book, Bloodlines by Traviss, is scheduled for release this week.

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Exile is scheduled for release in March 2007 from Del Rey Books. Here are the titles are they are currently scheduled. Please keep in mind that the further down the schedule you go, the more likely dates are subject to change.

Book 5: Sacrifice by Karen Traviss (June 2007, Hardcover)
To bring peace and order to a galaxy at war, Jacen Solo will sacrifice anything -- or anyone. Now the moment of choice is at hand...

Or rather, will be at hand this May with the release of Sacrifice, the fifth book in the Legacy of the Force series from Del Rey Books. There's many reasons to dive into this hardcover release, not the least of which is the engrossing saga of Jacen Solo which continues to move the decorated hero into the role of Dark Lord of the Sith. This book will reveal Jacen's Sith name, which fans will help determine through an online poll later this month!

Here's a first look at Sacrifice, with cover illustration by Jason Felix and design by David Stevenson. The book is by best-selling author Karen Traviss, one of the three authors (along with Aaron Allston and Troy Denning) contributing to the Legacy of the Force story arc. Fans know Traviss from her popular Republic Commando novels. Also this year, readers can look forward to a third book in the Republic Commando series, True Colors, slated for an August 2007 release in paperback.

Here's a list of the titles in the Legacy of the Force series. Sacrifice is currently scheduled to hit bookstores on May 22, 2007.

Book 6: Inferno by Troy Denning (September 2007, Paperback)
Book 7: Fury by Aaron Allston (November 2007, Paperback)
Book 8: by Karen Traviss (March 2008, Paperback)
Book 9: by Troy Denning (June 2008, Hardcover)

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