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Arca gulped. Trapped. Behind the first squad of civils their was another, then another. They must have been trying to hunt down the jedi. It was pretty obvious really, Kill the jedi, And you have a way better chance of recapturing the ship.
Ok, He thought, Maybe those lightsabres were that of the good jedi. Maybe they would spare me. Arca started repairing the broken control panel and finally managed to fix the door when finally the soldiers started shooting. Arca pushed them down the corridor using his teleknetic glove, not even touching the troops, but flung them into each other, and threw himself inside the near pitch black room. He took a few pieces of pole and jammed the door so that it wouldn't open. It was beyond repair or opening now. Now he was trapped in a room full of jedi.
He could hear his heavy breathing and that of others. Part of his senses told him their was 3 jedi in the room, And the other part told him that their was 4. He saw a yellow lightsabre jumping around nearby. He threw himself to the ceiling again, Virtually invisible to mortal eyes. But not to jedi or sith senses.

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