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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
The AT-AT is blaster-proof, friend. What is more, it appears to be heavy laser-proof, too. It can't just be ripped apart by a three metres tall creature.

And the legs aren't more vulnerable than the rest of the thing. I don't see your reasoning for why it should be, at least, seeing they hold the thing up and thus need to be pretty strong, as they're what the enemy will target.

Oh, and the Rancor cannot wipe out a T2-B or AT-ST in one blow. In the game, maybe, but in "reality"? Come on, now. Maybe it could punch a hole in that pathetic AT-ST, but come on, use your reasoning.
I can see some of the points you're making, however the rancor is at least six meters tall, perhaps more. Do we know how stong they are when not in captivity? I've never seen one on National Geographic and I can't find anything in my Encyclopedia. HeHe. Don't get mad, I'm just having fun.

Secondly, the legs of a walker are their weakness. You said so yourself "as they're what the enemy will target". Remember the battle with the Ewoks? Just like with the tow cable on Hoth, they tripped AT-ST's with vines and rolling logs. AT-ST's are ray-shielded just like AT-AT's. That doesn't protect them from projectiles or crushing blows. Remember the head of an ST getting crushed by logs? I don't think the AT-AT was intended to be indestructable in the movie. They are just shielded from blasters. After all, they are only transports.

To make an analogy with real life engineering: You think something must be strong to hold a heavy load? Find the largest transport plane in the world. The wings hold it up, right? How hard do you think it is to poke a hole in the surface of the wing? How many holes would it take to make it crash?

Another analogy: Your legs hold you up. Try pushing sideways on your knee with the weight of your body. Did you hear something pop, crack, or snap? In fact, the heavier the load is on top, the more vulnerable the supports are.

Third, how do you know the rancor couldn't take out a light tank? There's no way to guess the actual strength of a rancor or the toughness of the tanks. Are the tanks made to resist lazer blasts, or physical blows? Since they hover, I'm guessing T2B's are constructed lightly. Remember how thick the door was in the rancor cage? Maybe it had to be that thick or the rancor would claw it's way through? Don't the rancor's claws resemble a can-opener?

Sure it may not be likely that a rancor would take out an ATAT, but it adds fun to the game.

I know, it's just imaginary stuff, but it's fun to theorise and debate. I'm a geek and proud of it!

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