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Originally Posted by Orao
teh real time glaxy map which will favor the fastest plater to click on the map with the less lagg.
I don't think the galactic map really contains such computationally intensive material that it would lag significantly. Besides, with build times significantly slower than in the demo, it doesn't really matter how fast you click the ISD button--they'll still be built at the same rate as if you checked back on the production planet every five minutes before ordering up the fifth Destroyer in the queue.

Once the battle starts the galaxy map goes in pause mode not letting you time to react.
Therefore: an effective counter to your one big fleet of doom would be to launch a large number of small-scale attacks on a continual basis. While you're trying to build up a giant fleet on some planet or other, the galactic map would be pausing every thirty seconds for a mid-sized raid fleet that could swipe a poorly defended planet out from under you. While your "fleet of doom" methodically and slowly pulverizes enemy defenses one planet at a time, many of your planets will fall. Your strategy will fail for exactly the same reason why the Germans couldn't defend Normandy on D-Day: you will be single-mindedly focussed elsewhere while your enemy attacks you unexpectedly.

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