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Originally Posted by wedge2211
Your strategy will fail for exactly the same reason why the Germans couldn't defend Normandy on D-Day: you will be single-mindedly focussed elsewhere while your enemy attacks you unexpectedly.
First, Germans did know the attack on Normandy, but Hitler didn't gave Romwell the required defences he asked for. Read the extensive history facts on this.

Secondly, don't mess up real war events with a game, when we can't. The raid fleets won't wipe your planets out of your control, unless you have only troops guarding it and you sitting around when the invasion takes place and not running to build up defences and such.

Whereas in real war surprisement does happen, a "smart" AI system has some limits on how it will move around. Also, the surprise attack can be prevended when you setup satellites in orbit. And ofcourse, the creation of the "doom fleet" doesn't necessarly mean that you build the ships in one corner of the galaxy, while you control a bunch of planets on the other corner; you may advance in control of planets methodically, creating a strong core system and jumping to the nearby ones.

The doom fleet has as major role to wipe out big, scattered forces of the enemy, due to its overwelming power. The cost or rebuilt will be prohibiting of the defender, as soon as invasions to the unprotected planets start happening. Having only a single small squad of bombers or Z-95 in every enemy planet's orbit, you'll get notified about new space stations constructions. Also, if a raid fleet is organised somewhere, it will be matter of second for that patrol squad to take it out (defender cannot move ground forces in orbit without initiating a space battle, unless he completely evacuates the planet). So, the doom fleet will be just sitting somewhere, waiting for any "big" fleet to attack - but with all tech 1 stations going down, there never will be such one.

And of course, when this fleet will be jumping from system to system wreacking hacov, with no bombers to stop it from his run (instant repairs), the outcome is obvious, unless the defender has 10 hands to organise adequate defence to all the top-rated systems.

As i said, the doom fleet tactic has to be tested asap the game is out, both in signle and MP gaming.
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