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Zion sensed two newcomers but only saw one. Someone was on the ceiling. Zion had no times for games. He knew the biggest threats were Phinius and Scur. Phinius's yellow lightsaber was now in ruins on the floor but he still gripped his purple lightsaber and breathed heavily, exhausted from the battle. Zion smiled slightly. His job was easier now Phinius was denied two blades for combat. Zion twirled his blade around his fingers. He threw his lightsaber towards Scur. The blade cut a pole above Scur. He was then trapped under piping from above. Zion turned on Phinius.
"This is our fight and ours alone" he mumered
"...Agreed" Phinius panted. He could bearly stand. He was bleeding heavily from his shoulder and had a deep cut above his eye. He looked like he had come off pretty bad in a huge crash. Zion stepped forward with his blade rised.
"Before we start please inform me why you still stay loyal to the Jedi?" Zion asked
"Becasue we fight for the good"
"For good? Good and evil is just a point of view. I see the Jedi as evil becasue they try to police the galaxy and go against what they teach and turn their backs on those who need it most. Is that "Good"?"
Phinius stayed silent
" that way. You will not see the truth. You are beyond my teachings. You are too "Good" which makes me "evil" I suppose" Zion said bretahing heavily
"Time to end this" Phinius said roughly
"Indeed..." Zion sighed
Zion raised his blade and attacked....


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