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Arca knew he had to move. But he couldn't just jump down and run away. He had to choose a side and hope it was a good choice. He had to choose.
Mustering courage, Arca jumped down behind the sith, Took a swipe and knocked him down with his glove, Moved a trapped jedi's lightsabre to this one named Phinius's feet, And ran through the un-jammed door, All in one quick move. He nearly tripped over an unconcious jedi on the other side, But ran intill he reached the end of the corridor opposite of the door.
Arca sat down, eyeing the door and breathing heavily...

Put your fear behind you where it belongs, then blast everything in front of you into splinters. You'll do fine - Jango Fett

Smart people are weak. Because they don't need to be strong because their smart enough not to fight. - Me
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