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Originally Posted by Katarn07
I read books 1 and 3 ages ago. Book 2, believe it or not, is no where to be found in any library in my system. So, care to ellaborate on that oh wise one? The folks from Wiki didn't seem to care to do so.

Anywho, I didn't care much for that series of books. Book 1 was great and true to the events of the game. Book 3 was just weird. I know basing a book off a video game is hard, but they changed so much of what was established in the games. Yun's final words kicked ass though
Once again, Wiki is written by FANBOYS & MONKEYS(like that dude who wrote the entry for Lucasforums) It should not be confidently quoted as a valid source.

I havent read those books in a very long time. I'd need to check with TFN staff to see if theyre geeky enough to remember The other possible source is RPG sourcebook material, but I dont have access to any of that to check.

Maybe our mighty admin Kurgan knows, he's the king of all that is JK


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