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(You mean that Zaran was trapped under the pipes since Scur is on the other side of a locked door. Change the part about Scur being trapped under pipes to Zaran being trapped under the pipes or whatever you used to crush Zaran.)

Scur flung onto the floor of the cold-smooth hallway, with the doors closing, locked.

Meanwhile, Zaaran is getting up from the force push when many many pipes and junk from the ceiling fall on him immobilizing him for the time being.

Shortly after, Scur jumps up and searches for his lightsaber not finding it. He holds out his hand and uses the force to find it. soon something hits his hand and its cold with a warm feeling to it. He looks at it and its his lightsaber hilt. He serves the area and starts thinking, as he soon heaars two lightsabers buzz as they clashed. He ignites his saber and walks towards the blast door between Zion, Phinius, and Zaran from Scur. Scur slowly pushes the lightsaber into the door as it moves the the metal door melting everthing it touches. He slowly starts making a circle(like in Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon on the CIS Capital Station where its noticeable from the other side).

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